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This website is designed as an on-line retail bookstore where readers can find interesting Christian book titles authored by John and Marilyn Marinelli. It is also a resource for unpublished authors to become published at a low cost and to assist published authors to continue their market reach with very little added expense. My wife and I are independent authors. We know all the hassles of getting published and marketing in a very competitive worldwide arena.

As Christians, we want to help other Christians to publish their work and achieve the divine destiny God has for them. We offer published authors a spot in our “Available Books” section on this website and a listing on our “Important Links” page. Unpublished authors will receive the same when published as well as formatting, cover design and finished files for print and eBook publishing.

If you are a Christian author, you’ll want to take advantage of our “Available Books” section and “Important Links” page. If you are an unpublished author or have a new manuscript you want to publish, you’ll want to look over our submission guidelines.  Just click on “Book Submissions” in the navigation line up.

All books published by John & Marilyn Marinelli are being offered as a fundraising opportunity for Christian groups, schools and churches. We also offer a “Book of the Month” showcase, “Poetry”, “Blogs”, “Newsletters”, a “Photo Gallery”, “Bible Time” audio messages, and more. Just click on the menu and select the topic you want to review.

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