July 2023 Newsletter

Hello again.

The 4th of July = Freedom

It’s that time of year, when we celebrate the freedom we enjoy and the independence from the expectations of other countries that sought to rule over us. We just past Memorial Day and remembered all the sacrifices made by our young men that served in the military during previous wars. We realized the true cost of freedom. However, we may not realize the true cost of liberty.

Liberty, as I see it, is the ability to live above your circumstances and the expectations of others, no matter if it is another country trying to destroy the US or a person seeking to lord over you by spreading lies, pushing false doctrines, or even using critical remarks to intimidate you.

I believe that we can only be truly free if we follow the teaching of Jesus. He is recorded by John, in his gospel as saying, “I have come that they (that’s us) might have life and that life may be in abundance.” John 10:10

Who wants to be free? Come to Jesus in prayer and lay your concerns at the foot of the cross. He died for you, taking your sins upon himself.

New book

I just finished a new Bible study on the first recorded murder. It is the story of Cain & Abel. I call it, “Cain, The Destroyer of Dreams.” The book will be on my website soon being offered at $8.95, Check it out at www.marinellichristianbookss.com.

A Special Thanks

I want to especially thank Janet Holmes for proofing my manuscripts before publishing. She has done over 10 books so far and is really good at it.


I have been calling your attention to Monday and Bart at Mc Calls in The Villages. He is still there going strong from 1-4 pm and on Wednesdays at the Pub from 5-8 pm. We have a lot of fun. You should come and see us sing and sing a song or two yourself.
Marinelli Christian Books

Here’s a quick overview of our website. Its purpose is to be an encouragement to believers in Christ. You will find Musical Poetry, Bible Time devotional 3-6 minute messages, Christian Books by John & Marilyn Marinelli, Articles on Christian Topics, Blogs, and an opportunity to participate in open discussions via eMail.

Uncle Pepe Dance Party

Mark your calendar for the 4th Sunday of July from 5-8 pm. It’s Uncle Pepe’s Dance Party in the Captiva rec. center in The Villages. Doors open at 4:30. Bring your own stuff. You must be a resident of the Villages to attend.

A word from the Lord for all who feel that God is far away.

“I AM” There
“I AM” There,
At the end of your broken dreams,
Before the sun rises over your day,
Prior to those tear-filled streams.

“I AM” There,
Down that road of despair,
When all seems to be lost,
And no one seems to care.

“I AM” There,
Over all of life’s twists and turns,
When tomorrow is all but gone,
And when you are full of concerns.

“I AM” There,
Sayeth the Lord of Host,
To bring you hope and peace,
And the power of my Holy Ghost.

“I AM” There,
To be sure you make it through,
In the midst of every trial,
To bless your life and deliver you.

“I AM” There

Written By
John Marinelli

My Book Of The Month

My pick for this month is “The Return of Jesus Christ to Planet Earth” It’s a really good Bible study of Jesus’ return. The book is now available for purchase at www.marinellichristianbooks.com.

“The Return of Jesus Christ to Planet Earth” is a Biblical study of end time events and those who are involved.

I discuss these topics:

1. The sings of his coming;
2. The Anti-Christ;
3. The Beast and False Profit;
4. False Christians and Religions
5. The number 666 and its significance;
6. The men through the ages that have claimed to be Jesus Christ;
7. The little anti-Christ that are in the world today;
8. The Biblical prophecies related to the time of his coming;
9. The rapture of the church and its three schools of thought as to time in history;
10. The things we should be doing while we wait for his coming;
11. Those that will be saved and those that will be damned;
12. The final battle and final judgment of mankind;
13. The 7-year tribulation
14. And how to avoid the wrath of God that will fall upon the wicked.

I have also added selected Christian poems for the encouragement of the reader. The King James Bible will be used to validate scripture references and beliefs.

Your Thoughts

I would love to hear from you concerning the newsletter content and/or questions you may have about the Bible and living the Christian lifestyle. I am no expert but I have had over 60 years to contemplate spiritual issues, study the scriptures and apply Biblical principles. Contact me at: [email protected]

Planning For The Future

I am not a couch potato. I still plan for the future but not like I did when I was 25.

My plans for the future are three-fold:

1. To hear the voice of God and follow his leading.
2. To discern the times in which I live relative to the coming of the Lord
3. To walk by faith and not by sight.

If Jesus is your shepherd, then you are his sheep, right? Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice. He is speaking to us in the Spirit. All we need to do is be still and listen to know his will.

We all need to discern the times in which we live. Is our generation the one that will see Jesus physically return to earth? Is our modern-day church the church that Jesus said was, “Luke Warm” and that he will reject? Where are we in relationship to the end of the world?

I am determined to walk by faith and not by what I see happening around me. There are many voices out there that are nothing more than false news, false doctrines and false teachings. What other folks say and do should not be a guide for what we do.

Our guide is the Bible and the more than 3500 promises given to us so we have plenty of hooks to hang our faith on. That’s how we walk by faith…by living in the Word of God and applying its truths into our every situation.

Until next time, be blessed and keep the faith.

John Marinelli Author & Poet