Author’s Mindset

Most authors enter the marketing arena with big expectations, thinking that they will sell lots of books and everyone will just love their creative ability and story content. But being an overnight success is not reality. It takes time and lots of effort. Why? Because you are an “Independent Author” with no big publisher to promote you. You have to do it all: Branding, Publicity, Marketing, Advertising, Reader Acquisition and so forth.

Most authors are happy to have a book in print but never realize that they are one in a million floating in the worldwide market of book buyers, all of which have different interest and needs.

If you are in the book writing business to make money, you may be very disappointed. I have several book titles that sold less than 10 copies. I have also had titles that did way better but still did not pay out.

Nevertheless, my calling and gifting drives me to write, publish and minister through the revelations given to me by the Holy Spirit. My mindset is to press on and move towards the destiny that God has for me.

The Christian author’s mindset is to express all that God has deposited in his or her spirit. They will not give in and will not give up because of hindrances. They will stand in faith and walk by faith, knowing that God will open doors that are now closed and forge paths where there are no paths. Their motivation is purpose driven to meet the challenges set before them and to overcome the obstacles that get in their way.

They move when the Spirit calls and waits when the road ahead is blocked, ever being led by truth, righteousness and holiness. They do not listen to critics that try to discourage them. Their eyes are upon the Lord and their trust is in God.

This is the Author’s mindset. It is a perspective, a way of thinking and a lifestyle to live in this world. Guess what? It’s not all about you. It is about using your gifting as a writer to the glory of God and to accomplish his divine will. This mindset is essential to being a success. It will determine what you write about and how you relate to those that follow you.

Until Next Time
John Marinelli, Author & Publisher
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