October, 2021 Newsletter

Hello everyone! This is our 1st of what I hope will be many issues of the newsletter. During the course of the next twelve months we will be looking at some Christian issues, special book offers, current events, Christian poetry, opinion editorials, think about it questions and reader input, and a lot more.

The newsletter is free and you can opt-out at any time. The opinions are non-sectarian and not associated with any particular religion. Everything will be documented by scripture to insure biblical accuracy. Feel free to suggest new topics or provide your two cents along the way.


 Here’s a quick overview of our website. Its purpose is to be an encouragement to believers in Christ. You will find Musical Poetry, Bible Time devotional 3-6 minute messages, Christian Books by John & Marilyn Marinelli, Articles on Christian Topics, Blogs, and an opportunity to participate in open discussions via eMail.

My 1st Blog

My 1st blog is posted under, “Blog” on the website. I will henceforth be emailing them to subscribers. It’s a short teaching on why we should be happy. It’s called. “Count It All Joy”. As always, everything I say is backed up with scripture. Here’s a link to the blog

Count It All Joy – Marinelli Christian Books

About God, A “Bible Time” MP3

Some people do not like God. They even display hate for the things of God and those that believe in Him. Many even blame God for all the bad things that happen in life. I hear it all the time about someone’s friend or family member dieing and their family quickly says that it was God’s fault. However, the Bible says that God is love. Who are we to believe? Is it those around us that express hate and badmouth God or is it the Word of God that tells us that God is a loving God and He does not put sickness or suffering upon those who trust in Him? Listen to my podcast under, “Bible Time” Here’s the link. Maybe it will clarify things and be of help.

 “I AM” There

“I AM” There,
At the end of your broken dreams,
Before the sun rises over your day,
Prior to those tear-filled streams.

“I AM” There,
Down that road of despair,
When all seems to be lost,
And no one seems to care.

“I AM” There,
Over all of life’s twists and turns,
When tomorrow is all but gone,
And when you are full of concerns.

“I AM” There,
Sayeth the Lord of Host,
To bring you hope and peace,
And the power of my Holy Ghost.

“I AM” There,
To be sure you make it through,
In the midst of every trial,
To bless your life and deliver you.

“I AM” There

   Written By
John Marinelli

Book Of The Month

 Believing GOD” is the true story of Marilyn Marinelli. It is a record of her walk of faith during a time of suffering and pain. It was also a time of cleansing. “Believing GOD” is like a diary that offers a window into the life of a follower of Jesus whereby the reader can observe, and learn how to believe.

This book also has a special “Gallery of Poems” that was written by the author over the past 20- years as she communed with God and experienced fellowship with Christ. They are inspired by the Holy Spirit and presented as a source of encouragement.


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Troubling Times, My Opinion Editorial

 The events of the past few months have devastated America and I don’t mean “Climate Change.” Joe Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan with more than 10,000 NATO allies. He closed the Canadian boarder but refuses to close the Southwest boarder. He allowed Russia to complete their pipeline but shut down ours causing higher prices at the gas pumps. He paid the boarder wall contractors to not finish building the wall that caused a national boarder crisis that allowed five times the number of illegal migrants to enter the US in March alone than the year before, more than 172,000 in one month. Thanks to Biden’s border wall obstruction; smugglers are exploiting gaps in the wall that were previously set to be built. More drugs, more human trafficking, more evil has come to our doorstep. The list of Biden failures grows day by day. Now he is trying to take away our right to buy and keep firearms through a global registration.

Biden is suppose to be the head/leader of this country but shows no leadership or ability to stand up for its citizenry.

So what do we do as Christians? Psalm 104:6-8 says, “Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses. And he led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation.

Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”

It’s past time for the children of men to cry unto the Lord for deliverance from the Biden administration and the Socialist agenda of the Democratic Party. That’s my opinion and I will stick to it. I will cry unto the Lord but I will also put feet to my prayers by going to the polls in the mid-term elections and vote against those who are seeking to turn my beloved nation into a socialistic society.


Over the years, Marilyn and I have written many articles on Christian subjects. I added them to our website as a resource for our subscribers. There’s about 40 articles that can be downloaded free of charge. The topics range from discussions on Heaven and Hell to The Rapture of the Church. Also included are: The End of the World, Animals in the Resurrection, Spiritual Warfare, How To Walk In The Spirit and many more. Here’s the link, Articles – Marinelli Christian Books

Your Thoughts

I would love to hear from you concerning the newsletter content and/or questions you may have concerning the Bible and living the Christian lifestyle. I am no expert but I have had over 60 years to contemplate spiritual issues, study the scriptures and apply Biblical principals. Contact me at: [email protected]

Until next time, be blessed and keep the faith.