Hello again…My how time passes. We are in February of 2023 already. It’s time to prepare for Valentine’s Day. However, I have another February event that is even more important, my 41st wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? 41 years with the same woman. It’s been a ride. Sometimes like a roller coaster but mostly happy, pleasurable and fun. February 22nd is the big day.

New Book…I have a new book, just published, called “How To Be Happy” It’s your divine destiny. It is an in-depth study of the Bible in search of true happiness. It is very Christian oriented with lots of Bible references and more. Here’s a synopsis of the book. It sells for $16.95. It is a color cover 144-page paperback edition.

How To Be Happy—Synopsis

“How to be Happy” is a journey to find true happiness. It is also a Biblical teaching that reveals the truths of God’s Word and how we can apply them to our lives. 
    We will read what the Psalms have to say about the joy of the Lord as well as what the Old Testament prophets and New Testament apostles had to say.
    We will explore the concept of joy and lasting peace in a world full of turmoil. The King James version of the Bible will be used to quote scripture passages.
    The knowledge presented and practical applications represent the author’s walk with God and relationship with the Holy Spirit over the last 60 years. It is his hope that his readers will grow spiritually as they follow after lasting peace and true happiness.

    This book and others by John Marinelli can be reviewed and purchased at wwww.marinellichristianbooks.com.

     Karaoke…Bart will again host karaoke on Mondays 1-4 pl at Mc Calls in Spanish Springs, The Villages and again on Wednesdays at The Pub from 5-8 PM.

    Book Review… One of my newest books was published recently. It is called, “Shadows in the Light of a Pale Moon” It’s all about gun safety and self-defense. It is getting raving reviews.

Here is one by a good friend. An Unsolicited Review Last evening, I met my sister and her husband at BONEFISH for dinner.  We were seated at a table against the wall.  I was facing the wall. During dinner I started talking about your book because my brother-in-law is an avid hunter.

We talked about gun safety etc. I mentioned my comments that this is an excellent source for situational awareness. I started by saying I’m sitting in absolutely the wrong place. My back is to the room, I can’t see the exits.

My friend said, “I never thought about that.”  I stared telling more situations and advice from your book.  I glanced at the table next to us, and it was funny, the couple was leaning in to hear what I was saying. I said to them with a smile CAUGHT YOU EAVESDROPPING, they laughed and made a comment about the good sense things we were saying. 

Well, my friend, I finished the book last night before calling it a day. I have so many thoughts on your book. All of them are positive, but so different in many ways. 

At first blush, the book is a primer – based on a fictional storyline of a guy shooting an intruder in his home in the middle of the night. How he made some mistakes and incorrect judgments that thrust him into the legal system- subjecting himself to the possibility of having legal liability and the consequential outcomes. 

I will keep my own counsel whether I own firearms or have a CCP.  Therein lies what in my judgment is the real lesson and message one should glean from the book.
That lesson I chose to call SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. The book is a treasure trove of advice on how and what to do in various situations. Everything from what to do if you are home and realize an intrusion is taking place, to best place to sit at a restaurant, to being aware when walking down the street (no texting- look around), to be aware of potential exit strategies, to what to do when faced with being in a crowd that suddenly erupts in chaos. Which brings me to the point of my review.  
This is not only a book that every gun owner, or someone considering buying a gun must read, understand and put into practice.

This book is for a much broader audience, that is everyone.  It is chock full of common sense, but importantly specific things to do as we go about our everyday life, to avoid and minimize confrontation as we go about our lives.

The beauty of the book is… it’s a short read and can literally be read in a single evening.  The scenarios are short and to the point – delivering the potential situations and the multiplicity of things to do and the order to do them.  

The book refers to memory reflex shooting a gun.  Think about it. MEMORY REFLEX is of paramount importance when facing any adverse threatening situation. Memory reflex can be learned by going to a gun range with practice. But situational MEMORY REFLEX can only be achieved through education, having a plan and being able to execute it.  I would venture that 90% do not know the proper things to do when faced with a home invasion to assure their safety and their family. Your book is the perfect medium to start situational awareness.  MAGNIFICO on the book. 

This book is only $14.95 and if you want to buy 5 or more to give to friends, the books can be purchased for $7.95 each plus shipping.

New Books Coming…I have two more new books coming. They are, “Heaven, Hell & Beyond and “The Life and Destiny of the God-Man ” They should be on the market by late February.

 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

In the third century, Saint Valentine, a priest, supposedly married people in secret going against the express edicts of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II. Claudius decided to outlaw marriage, as he believed married men made poor soldiers.

Tragically, poor Valentine was arrested and sentenced to death…on…you guessed it…February 14th. While in jail, poor Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. 
The day of his execution he wrote her a letter and signed it, “Your Valentine”.

No magic here, no miracles abound….poor Valentine was put to death as the emperor had ordered. St. Valentine’s skull was placed in a coronet made of flowers and now resides in Chiesa di Santa maria in Cosmedin in Rome.

Fast forward more than a hundred years and in 496 ACE, Pope Gelasius I established the feast of St Valentine on February 14th, in which he remembered in reverence “men whose acts are known only to God” Valentine was of course among these revered men.
Over a millennium later, in the mid-1700s England, Valentine’s Day took off like a wildfire with lovers sending cards and sweets, with flowers and ribbons, as well as images of cupids.

By the start of the 20th century, Hallmark replaced these handwritten cards with printed ones, which now are sent all across the globe expressing affections of love.

According to the Telegraph in the UK — different countries celebrate V-day differently…take a look!

·        In parts of Europe lovers give each other St Valentine’s keys as romantic gestures and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart.

·        In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which means Friend’s Day and focuses on remembering friends.

·        However, in Mexico, February 14 is a day of national mourning.

·        In countries like Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia celebrating the day can result in severe punishment and is seen by conservative Muslims as un-Islamic.

·        Japanese Valentine’s Day is all about men. Women give chocolates to them, and hope favor is returned later in the year.

·        In South Korea, February 14 is one of 12 ‘love’ days that fall on the 14th of each month. Women give men presents and they reciprocate on ‘White Day’ a month later. If the gift isn’t returned, singles celebrate White Day by eating jajangmyeon, a dish made from white noodles and black bean sauce.

King Henry VIII declared Valentine’s Day an official holiday in 1537. The oldest handwritten Valentine was made in the 1400s and is held in the British Museum. About 3 percent of pet owners buy Valentine’s gifts for their furry friends.

Now it’s all about marketing and profits with published cards for every occasion including Valentine’s Day.

Hope you all are well and blessed by God.

 Until Next Time 

John Marinelli, Author & Poet