A Circle of Love


Love springs forth from the arms of God. How many times have you seen the Love of God? What special times has He embraced you with Special blessings that only you can really appreciate and enjoy? God is love. Cannot He paint a picture in the sky at dusk? Or place a special gift in your heart? It says in the bible “God gives us the desires of our heart.”

If I look back over the years of walking with Jesus, I could tell you many love stories between the Lord and myself. He has always given me the desire of my heart. They may not be the way you would want things to be. But, they are the filling in of holes that have destroyed me from before I was saved. Isn’t that real love…that our Father would not forget what we went through and be able to fill the hurts with His love?

How does God do this? I have found that He sometimes uses people… A friend to be our sister, stepchildren to be our children, older women or men to be an aunt or uncle we missed somehow along the way. Sometimes God uses circumstances to bring about a change in a family member that we didn’t think we would ever be able to have a relationship with again…. A special little dog or cat. God’s wisdom and love is so great that we sometimes over look His care for us.

Look deeply within your own life and relationship with God and see the miracle, the blessings of love that He has shown towards to you. If your eyes are on other things, you will miss the simplicity of the blessings of love that God has been trying to bless you with?

I know God gave me my husband, my children, my cat, dogs, home and much, much more. Every time someone says to me, “How did you meet your husband”, I have a testimony to tell. Every time someone asks me about my cat or dogs, home, car, or children, I have a testimony to tell. If someone speaks to me of my dad or brother, I have a testimony to tell.

Isn’t it amazing how God’s love for us goes full circle? God blesses us so that we in return can turn it all back to Him for His glory. That’s the circle of love.

The best thing I could say to you is to take the time to seek Jesus and reflect upon the many blessings that God has placed in your life. Truly you are His witness of the Love of God.


Until next time
Rev Marilyn Marinelli