Advertising And Publicity

As you may know, Advertising is different than Publicity. Here are some examples of Publicity:

1. Newsletters.
2. Blogs.
3. Press Releases.
4. Seminars.
5. ” Meet The Author” showcase in a bookstore, Local library, church,
restaurant or grocery store entrance.
6. Pass-A- Long literature like brochures and business cards.
7. Billboards, social media and Posters.
8. T-shirts and logo items.
9. Mini-disc with a free eBook used as a give-a-way.
10. There must be more. If you can think of them, let me know.

Advertising is another ballgame. It cost money and requires graphic art design to meet certain sizes depending on where you advertise. You have several possible ad channels. They are:

Direct Mail to retail bookstores.
Newspaper display ad or classified ad sections.
Magazines that service your target audience.
Social Media like Facebook.
Key websites that have high traffic counts.
Radio & T. V.
Any other channel that accepts paid advertising.

You should be careful about selecting an advertising channel as it can get very expensive. Each channel must be analyzed to be sure it is working. Take your time and use the one-by-one approach.

Until next time
John Marinelli, Author & Publisher
[email protected]