April 2022 Newsletter

New Children’s Book
(An Elephant Named Clyde)

I just finished a new book. It is my first illustrated Children’s book. Actually, it was Helen Quinlan, professional artist that made it all happen. She too a story poem from my Original Story Poem collection and made it come alive…over 20 pages of top-quality graphics, most of which were her own original drawings.

The title of our new children’s book is, “An Elephant Named Clyde.” I penned the story poem over 50 years ago when my two children were small. Back them I was a bit crazy. I’d write a poem and read it to the family to see if they liked it. If the enjoyed it, I kept it. About 10 or 12 years ago, Marilyn, my lovely wife suggested I publish them in a book, so I did. The book began as, “Rhyme Time” and in a second edition became, “Original Story Poems For Children of All Ages.” There are over 80 story poems.

“An Elephant Maned Clyde” is an 11.5 X 8.5 horizontal presentation in full color with a glossy paperback cover. It retails for $12.95 plus s/h, however bulk orders of five or more come with a 20% discount off the full order.

This book is perfect for reading to small children in a group setting or just a bedtime story to your little ones or grandkids. It would also make a great addition to church nurseries, Daycares, and other places where kids gather.

Helen and I are offering “An Elephant Named Clyde” in an eBook format, free of charge to everyone that buys a printed version of the book.

If you are interested, call me right away at 352-687-1776 while I still have some on hand. Shipping is approx. $4.25 per single copy and a little more for bulk orders. (US delivery only)

Barnes & Noble

If you haven’t heard, Marilyn and I are featured along with other local authors in Barnes & Noble, in the Villages. We have one book each on display.

Join me now in praying for peace, prosperity and good health. This is our heritage in the Lord.

Until Next Time

John Marinelli
Christian Author & Poet