Arm’s Length

I hold the world at arm’s length
That their choices may not interfere.
While they do their own thing,
I watch and wait over here.

My steps must not go their way
For it’s not where I need to be.
The Lord has shown me the path
That will lead me to my destiny.

The call to follow them is strong
And pulls at me now and then.
But I know with-in my heart
That their way is full of sin.

I must move on in life
Beyond their beckoning call.
It’s the right thing to do,
So I do not stumble or fall.

I will not be swayed
By family, friends or business deal.
Their secret thoughts are not mine
To consider, to admire or feel.

So I keep the world at arm’s length
As I journey through this life.
My faith in Jesus will keep me strong
As I walk in His glorious light.

Written By
John Marinelli