August 2022 Newsletter

Hello again from Marinelli Christian Books. We are already in August…WOW! Where does the time go these days?

Mid-Term Elections

Soon we will be voting again in the mid-term elections. I hope you will vote for restoring our nation and taking it out of the hands of crazy politicians that undermine our sovereignty. It’s time we got back to being energy sufficient, patriotic, and aligned with Godly principles that made our nation great. If you do not agree with me, it’s ok. We can agree to disagree and still dwell together in peace. You can be wrong if you want to.

Book Sale… “Mister Tugboat”

Our newest children’s book, “Mister Tugboat” is now in Barnes & Noble, in The Villages. You can see it in the local author’s section or hopefully in the children’s section. However, for my VIP’s, which you are one, I am offering it for $10 each. That’s a $3.95 discount if you buy it from me. Now there is still shipping to be added which is $2.95 per book. If you want more than one, call and we can work out the shipping. 352-687-1776


Thanks so much to all who were praying for my mother. She turned 100 on July 26th. We traveled to see her and all the family only to discover that she was rushed to the hospital with a bunch of issues. We still had the birthday party without her. Marilyn and I saw her in the hospital and she couldn’t talk due to the pain. But she is much better now and in rehab.

If you need prayer, drop us a line and we will take it before the throne of God. We believe in prayer and will intercede for you.


If you like to sing karaoke, there is no better place than Mc Calls, in The Villages. Bart of (MusicByBart) has a great sound and it’s a fun time. The folks are friendly and you can sing a few songs of just be out for the afternoon. It is every Monday from 1-4 PM. The food is good too.

Biblical Questions and Answers

Are there questions about the Bible that you have but are afraid to openly ask? Maybe you are not afraid and still need an answer. In any event, I would be honored to answer them. However, send one at a time so I do not get overwhelmed. I will use the Bible as my reference in answering and it will be strictly private from me to you via email. Send your question to me at [email protected]. I have been a student of the Bible for over 40 years and am an ordained Christian minister with a major study in Theology.


I am looking for sponsors to cover the cost of publishing. If you have a business or product that you would like to advertise, we can offer you a full page 4/color ad space in our children’s books. The art is your responsibility, and the product or company ad must not conflict with Christian values.

The cost to participate is $1,000. For that, you get your ad in the back of the book just after the story so it will be seen and read by parents and grandparents. You also get 25 printed books to hand out to customers, friends and neighbors. Plus, this is an exclusive offer. Your ad is the only one other than our promo ads for other books. It’s yours for as long as we sell the book, reprint after reprint and…you can reorder at publisher’s cost, not retail.

That’s all for this month. I will leave you with this thought

Don’t Worry
(Mathew 6:34)

Don’t worry about tomorrow.
You did that yesterday.
Go on with your life,
And remember always to pray.

Ask and it shall be given to you,
But this great truth you already know.
Your harvest comes from what you sow.

I will say it again and even more,
Until it becomes crystal clear.
Tomorrow will take care of itself,
But worry is another word for fear.

Now here’s what I want you to do.
Trust in the Lord and be of good cheer.
Drop the worry from your vocabulary
And cast out that demon of fear.

Written By
John Marinelli

Until next time

John Marinelli, Author and Poet
Marinelli Christian Books