December 2023 Newsletter

Hello again my friends and Merry Christmas…It’s coming soon. Where did 2023 go? It passed us by like a flash of light in a darkened sky. Did any of you stop to smell the roses? Or are we still rushing into the future like a bat out of hell? Well, here’s what’s up with us: […]

Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up Don’t give up your calling; don’t give up God’s grace. Don’t give up your smile; put on a happy face. Don’t give up your dreams and don’t respond in doubt. Just pick up all the pieces and give yourself a shout. For when the enemy tries to defeat you And you’re feeling […]


Covered over by a blinding light Twisting me to things no right Nor right for me I turned all about Feeling alone and desperate for flight Covered in fear and all alone Covered in cover, cover No where to roam Caged By the blinding light Years of, darkness no light Sitting and hoping things would […]

Where Are You My Lord My Savior My King

I sit beside you watching as you struggle through your night. I watch you turn and toss, to the things that grip your sight. For all alone I watch you, with a watchful eye, Feeling the sadness that surrounds your ever turning tide. The waves have lifted up upon your sadden soul … yet you […]

My Prayer

Jesus, my love, how can I explain the misery and doubt, that has plagued my mortal plain. The hurts, the fears, the doubt, the tears, since I walked away that day, and reached out to do my own thing, in my weak and shallow way. The road I walked away from you, was not a […]

Be A Butterfly

Be A Butterfly And fly away with me. We’ll fly with God’s Promises Straight into eternity. Be a butterfly To crawl no more But to soar in the Spirit Above earth’s mighty roar. Be a butterfly To fly to heights unknown, Soaring on the wings of faith, Never more to be alone. Be a butterfly […]

As A Man Thinks

I am as my thoughts are No matter what you say. If I think good or bad thoughts, That is what rules my day. You cannot know me As I really am, Unless I reveal my thoughts And become a transparent man You are no different than me Underneath all the fleshy show. We all […]

I Surrender All

I surrender all to Thee My love, my life and liberty. For if I should rule my throne, You Lord, would stand-alone. But with my will I offer Thee, My love, my life and destiny. That you should rule this throne. So I’ll never again stand alone. I’d surrender all I have to Thee, For […]

Winning The Battle

We must use the Word of God To calm emotions that fray. For the enemy never sleeps Until he has led us astray. So when your emotions overflow With feelings like depression and fear. Know this! If you dwell in that place, You invite the enemy to draw near. When your emotions rage With fiery […]

So Listen Up

I write this verse that all should know. What I have to say is like a seed ready to grow. So listen up to all I have to say. It could be the very blessing your heart needs today. God has not given you a spirit of fear. Instead, He has offered to dry up […]