Beyond The Rainbow

I traveled beyond the rainbow,
To see all that I could see.
I gazed at the beauty of the stars,
And looked into the door of eternity.

But when I stood up,
To see if there was more,
I saw the face of Love,
Smiling, as if to adore.

No words were ever spoken,
And yet I heard an awesome cry.
A voice that said, “I love you,”
As His shadow drew nigh.

Joy raced around my head,
And peace flowed within my soul.
I began to weep and laugh, and shout,
As His presence melted away the cold.

Finally I found forgiveness,
From all the sorrows of life.
The love of God set me free,
From my pain and inward strife.

Glory be to God and Jesus,
His only begotten Son.
He alone holds my future,
And declares that I have won.

Written By
John Marinelli