Book Fundraiser

Church, School & Non-Profit Organization Fundraising Opportunity

Here’s How It Works

Advanced Sales…..Marinelli Christian Books has designed an Order Form that you can download and use to order all the books you sell in advance. This means there is no risk, quota, or lost revenue. You get it all upfront.

Marketing Literature…Marinelli Christian Books will provide a Special Brochure that can be duplicated for distribution to your group or congregation.  This will allow your members to review each book to determine which books they want to order.

Sales & Payment Process….You can pre-sell the books, collect the money in advance and send a check with the order form to Marinelli Christian Books, P. O. Box 831413. (Your check should be made out to the order of John Marinelli.)

Order Placement….Send your order form to Marinelli Christian Books by eMail to [email protected] We will calculate the shipping cost, which is an added expense, and send you a final bill.

Order Confirmation … Marinelli Christian Books will send you an order confirmation with the order placement date, once we receive your payment.

Method of Payment… Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards. However, a check in the mail will do fine.

Shipping … Your order will ship directly from our printer to you. The turn-around time for printing is usually five working days from the order placement date. (You may want to let your congregation know that shipping is extra and it will be collected at the time of delivery when they pick up their books.)

Delivery… Your order will be shipped via United Parcel Post (UPS) Ground unless you select and pay for faster delivery.

Marketing Strategy…You can push just one book or offer all 15 in your marking effort. You will be given a 45% discount off the published retail price for each book that you sell. That’s $4.50 on a $9.95 book and $7.65 on our most expensive book, $16.99. Sometimes it is best to buy one book for “Show N Tell” and push the benefit of supporting a great cause. This can be done several times throughout the year using the same book or different books as you see fit.

Bible Study And Reading Club Applications…You may wish to order one book each for members of a Bible study or another for a reading circle or club in your church. It’s a great way to encourage Christian Fellowship and Bible Study at the same time.

This program can be a great source of income to support missions, youth activities, and other programs.

Feel free to Contact Us to discuss this in more detail.