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Publishing Guidelines For Christian Authors

 We are pleased that you are considering using Marinelli Christian Books as your book publisher. We want to be your “Marketing Partner” and coach. Here are a few guidelines so you understand the process, cost and on-going support.

For Published Christian Authors

If you are a published author and desire to expand your market reach, we can help. We will add you book cover to our website in the, “Available Books” section and offer a listing on our important links page for a small one-time fee of $10. This will help you to maximize your efforts at a very affordable cost. All we need is a jpeg file and the buyer’s link that takes the buyer to your designated place where they can purchase your book. Contact me at [email protected] We will also announce your book to our monthly email newsletter readers. This will stay live as long as our site is active and your book is in print.

New Authors With A Finished Manuscript

  • Submissions
  1. Your manuscript must be typed in 12pt or larger type. (Do not double space)
  2. The manuscript must be a final draft, being already edited and proofed.
  3. Send your manuscript as an attached Word or PDF file to [email protected] .
  4. Also send separate files of your Table of Contents and Synopsis that describes the book.
  5. Send a full bio and photo of you, the author, along with the manuscript.
  6. Everything must be by eMail…no snail mail.
  7. We will review your files and get back to you. You must be approved to participate in this program. (Be sure to fill out and return our “Publishing Application”
  • Biblical Requirements

 Your manuscript must be in line with standard Biblical revelation that includes, Salvation by Grace, Jesus as the only begotten Son of God, Christ as the Lamb of God and the only way to God, the Father, The Resurrection of Jesus that validates his victory over evil forces, death, hell and the grave, The Bible as the true revelation of God and its divine inspiration, Creation as the handiwork of God that caused life to begin, not evolution, That man is a sinner and in need of a savior.

You can publish non-Biblical books as long as they do not violate moral integrity i.e., Poetry, Recipe, Academic, True-Life Story, Childrens, Fiction, Romance, etc.

  • New Author’s Investment/Cost

 Your cost is a one-time fee of $1,000 payable when you are approved. The best part is, you retain all rights and we do not take any royalties from the sale of your book. We are registered as an affiliate partner with most on-line booksellers and will receive a small commission from any sales that come directly from our website. However, this does not affect your income at all.

  • Marinelli Christian Books will provide the following services:
  1. To professionally format your manuscript for both, print and eBook.
  2. To design a glossy color cover for your approval.
  3. To acquire ISBN numbers for both, print and eBook versions.
  4. To produce all files for printing, upload them to the printer and be sure they are processed for worldwide distribution through IngramSpark.
  5. To place your book cover image in the “Available Books” section of the publisher’s website, to stay there as long as the book is in print and/or the website is active.
  6. To design and host a free “Author’s Book Page” on the publisher’s website.
  7. To feature the author’s book as the “Book of The Month” in the publisher’s monthly eNewsletter.
  8. To provide the author with 15 printed books, at no added cost and all mechanical files.
  9. To add the author to the publisher’s “Important Links” page, providing added publicity and exposure.
  10. To register the author with IngranSpark, creating an active account to reorder and monitor sales.
  11. To establish a “Buyer’s Link” to use in your on-going marketing efforts.
  12. To offer free ongoing counseling on any publishing questions or marketing ideas.
  13. To take no royalties from the sale of the author’s book other than an “Associate Member” commission provided by on-line booksellers on sales coming from the publisher’s website.
  14. To guarantee no increase in the publisher’s publishing fee for future books being published by the author.
  15. To guarantee our price and benefits for additional books. Our price will never go up. It is locked in as long as you are a partner with Marinelli Christian Books.

Note: Editing and proof reading are not included in this offer. However, we can help to locate qualified folks to provide that service.

 When you are ready, call us at 352-687-1776 or email me at [email protected]

Application as PDF: MarinelliChristianBooksPublishingApplication

Application as DOCX: MarinelliChristianBooksPublishingApplication

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Guidelines (the text above) as DOCX: MarinelliChristianBooksGuidelines