Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up your calling; don’t give up God’s grace.
Don’t give up your smile; put on a happy face.
Don’t give up your dreams and don’t respond in doubt.
Just pick up all the pieces and give yourself a shout.

For when the enemy tries to defeat you
And you’re feeling all alone.
Remember this my friend
There is one that calls you His own.

He will not leave you in fear and doubt,
And will never let you fail.
He along can take your fears
With Him your dreams will sail.

Press on oh, man of grace and delight
And women that are in a dreadful fright.
For God will supply your every need,
If on Him you do believe

By Marilyn Marinelli


Covered over by a blinding light
Twisting me to things no right
Nor right for me
I turned all about
Feeling alone and desperate for flight

Covered in fear and all alone
Covered in cover, cover
No where to roam
Caged By the blinding light

Years of, darkness no light
Sitting and hoping things would be right
Shrouded in pain and fear
screaming but no one could hear

Wanted to be needed and loved bound by fear
Covered in shame for nothing I did
Yet living a life being hid
Screaming in the night, running in the dark
Screaming and yet no one hears

By the light that was not right
Covered as if living in the night and thinking it was alright
Covered and shrinking away to be left by a darkening light
Beware that the light in you is not darkness.

Throw off the covers of this darkened light
Throw off the shame of things not right
Scream, scream for the struggle to be free
Realizing that the light that is darkness is not right

Deliver me Lord Jesus from this shame and deceit
Give me the true light and help me up on my feet
I shall not sit in this darkened light
For it is not of you

Where are you my fair one?
I am hidden in fear …I am hidden because no one would hear
I am hidden
Hidden from the ones that say they care
Hidden to live in heartache and despair

I am hidden
No one sees the beauty in me
They tell me I’m wrong so they can be free

They are just lost in broken dreams
Running from hurts that cannot be seen.

These are the covers that k ill their life
The covers of brokenness that are not all right
Darkened light

s is not for you my child to sit in hidden array
For it was not meant for you to stay hidden from the day

My child of light it will be all right as you sit by my side
Never more to run and hide from the darkened light.
Rise up and be heard
Don’t be ashamed of what you have heard

Uncover yourself from this darkened state
I will walk with you in true light if you have heard
Lighting your path to a new life and way
It’s time to come out of the saddened array

Covered, Hidden,
In heartache and despair
Sitting and hoping that changes would be there.
Bound and destroyed they all come to me
Wishing and wishing they would be set free.

Step out into the light of day
Where we can plan each new day
Don’t sit with the lies of men and
Stay away from those that walk in this sin
Hidden state of darkened light.

Written by
Marilyn Marinelli

Where Are You My Lord My Savior My King

I sit beside you watching as you struggle through your night.
I watch you turn and toss, to the things that grip your sight.
For all alone I watch you, with a watchful eye,
Feeling the sadness that surrounds your ever turning tide.

The waves have lifted up upon your sadden soul …
yet you seem to ignore the truth to make you whole.
You struggle in your darkness holding on to your despair.
I told you that I loved you, that I would watch and be there.

But, you have wonder in your darkness never allowing the light to shine.
So instead of gladness, you have been covered with this sadness all the time.
Don’t watch me when you want me, watch me because I care.
Don’t you know I’m the one that can get you out of this snare?

What happened to your once upon a time, with all its hopeful thoughts.
It was stolen from you with lies of different sorts.
So turn away, Turn away, from the gloom of your night.
Sit up my child …. of sadness this day you are reborn.

Don’t sit alone and wonder about this lonely silent storm.
Reach out to higher ground where the light does shine.
For I told you, your once upon a time is where you belong.
Don’t run and hide from light that is shed as a beam for you,
for your tomorrows will be bright and brand new.

Sit at night and rest your head upon your pillow sleep.
And remember, I am with you, my salvation you can keep.
Look up to heaven, to the brightness of the sky and remember I am near,
never more to wander in this darkness and fear.

You alone are worthy of my hand at times like this,
for you alone have reached out in search of care and bliss.
Reach out your arms to heaven and seal a fate that soars,
to the highest help from heaven your life to you restored.

Written By
Marilyn Marinelli

My Prayer

Jesus, my love, how can I explain
the misery and doubt, that has plagued my mortal plain.

The hurts, the fears, the doubt, the tears,
since I walked away that day,
and reached out to do my own thing,
in my weak and shallow way.

The road I walked away from you,
was not a pretty sight.
I cried and cried and pleaded,
“Lord, help me see the light.”

I promise I’ll not wander,
and promise not to fight.
Lord, help me to walk with you,
in your glorious shining light.

I know that I’m not perfect,
and know that I can’t be,
the wonderful creation
that you want for me to be.

Unless I reach for your hand,
and your gentle loving way.
Or I may find myself wandering,
being forever led astray.

Written By
Marilyn Marinelli

Be A Butterfly

Be A Butterfly
And fly away with me.
We’ll fly with God’s Promises
Straight into eternity.

Be a butterfly
To crawl no more
But to soar in the Spirit
Above earth’s mighty roar.

Be a butterfly
To fly to heights unknown,
Soaring on the wings of faith,
Never more to be alone.

Be a butterfly
And fly away with me,
For God has made us new.
At last! At Last! We are free.

Written by
John Marinelli

As A Man Thinks

I am as my thoughts are
No matter what you say.
If I think good or bad thoughts,
That is what rules my day.

You cannot know me
As I really am,
Unless I reveal my thoughts
And become a transparent man

You are no different than me
Underneath all the fleshy show.
We all are as we continually think
Some happy and others full of woe.

So think on the things in life
That brings out the very best.
And you will surely get better
And be able to finally rest.

Written By
John Marinelli

I Surrender All

I surrender all to Thee
My love, my life and liberty.
For if I should rule my throne,
You Lord, would stand-alone.

But with my will I offer Thee,
My love, my life and destiny.
That you should rule this throne.
So I’ll never again stand alone.

I’d surrender all I have to Thee,
For but a glimpse of your majesty.
That I may live within your perfect love
Both here on earth and heaven above.

Written By
John Marinelli

Winning The Battle

We must use the Word of God
To calm emotions that fray.
For the enemy never sleeps
Until he has led us astray.

So when your emotions overflow
With feelings like depression and fear.
Know this! If you dwell in that place,
You invite the enemy to draw near.

When your emotions rage
With fiery darts aglow,
Stand in the power of the Lord
Against its awful woe.

And if you get confused
And lost in the storm,
Put your thoughts on trial
Rejecting all but heaven born.

You can win the battle
That rages within your soul.
By casting down imaginations
And breaking Satan’s hold.

Remember to focus on Jesus
Holding the world at arm’s length.
Lift up your head above the trial
And the Lord will give you strength.

Written By
John Marinelli

So Listen Up

I write this verse that all should know.
What I have to say is like a seed ready to grow.
So listen up to all I have to say.
It could be the very blessing your heart needs today.

God has not given you a spirit of fear.
Instead, He has offered to dry up every tear.
He really loves you, even though you often fail.
His love and mercy follows you
Enabling you to be the head and not the tail.

So do not worry or even fret.
That’s why Jesus paid Sin’s awful debt.
Now go on in life to discover its victory
Knowing that Jesus has indeed set you free.

Written by
John Marinelli

You’re Going To Be Just Fine

Our souls hath He restored.
He who? Of course, the Lord.
With His love and His peace divine,
He said, “You’re Going to be Just Fine.”

No more sorrow, sickness or pain,
Only His Joy, forever to reign.
As old things slowly pass away,
New things will appear each and every day.

Be of good courage and patiently wait.
God is never ever too late.
The Lord will see you through.
Why?, because He loves you.

Things will get better.
Wait and you will see.
God will hear your cry,
And come to set you free.

Written By
John Marinelli