Dealing With A Critical Spirit

Ephesians 6:12-18


“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty though God to the pulling down of strongholds.” What are these weapons? They certainly aren’t who can yell the loudest, or who is the physically stronger one. It is rather a spiritual battle. So then what are these weapons? They are the armor of God.(Ephesians 6:1218)

Putting on the full armor of God is your best weapon. His armor includes: the breast plate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, your loins girt about with the truth and the sword of the Spirit. These are weapons we must use to stand fast in the liberty in which Christ has set us free. Free from what? From deception, critical spirits and so much more.

But, let’s take for instance the critical spirit. How do we over come this one?

  1. Through our knowing first that we are saved.
  2. That God loves us so much that the criticism can roll off our back when we are confronted with it. Why? Because we have searched God’s Word and have found out that he accepts us.
  3. And that if there is anything not right with us, that God will show us what it is so that we can change.

I am reminded of a time that I saw a very old car in front of mine. It had a sticker on it that said something about Jesus. I thought,” why would someone be so happy to ride around in this very old car and yet give the praise to Jesus for it?” This was many years ago. But I wasn’t riding in the most expensive car, yet it was much better that the one I saw.

The Holy Spirit quickened me and reminded me of when I was saved, how everything didn’t look as good on the outside either. Remember, He prompted me. God works from the inside out. Maybe this person didn’t have a car at all and they had one now and it was very much a blessing. After all, it is better than trying to walk everywhere. Maybe this was all the person could afford at that time and God was providing for them with this particular car, until the persons faith grew stronger.

We need to be thankful for what we have and take care of the things we have now, not wait for better and then believe we will take care of something better later. If you can’t keep an old car clean, why would you keep a beautiful new car clean? Oh, because then you can show it off. I don’t think so. God told me years ago to take care of what I had and not to be looking at everything everybody else had that was better. Take the time to be proud of what you have.

So let’s not be critical of someone else that is trying to follow God. And let’s take care of the things God has entrusted to us.

Now back to being criticized. You know, when someone criticized me, I would fall apart. But, God showed me a better way. I should keep my eyes on Him and know that God is guiding me. Do you know what happened? God built me up, made me stronger through His Word, as I sought Him and read my bible. Then I even became more knowledgeable and was able to stand against criticism.

Not everyone is you and you are not everyone else. All flowers are not the same, yet each one of them is beautiful or handsome in their own way. Wouldn’t it be boring if there were only one kind of flower? Look at all we would miss. God has made each and every one of us special and unique. When you let God’s love and gifts shine through you, all that you are in God will shine through and be a blessing to others.

How do we stop the critics? By being who you are in God. If you don’t know who you are in Him, keep seeking God for your special gifts and talents. You will be surprised at how the critics will find some one else to criticize when you have your shield of faith up to quench their fiery darts.

May God bless you and kept you and let His face shine upon you and give you peace, Peace of mind and peace in your spirit, for all to see that you are blooming for God. What a blessing you will be to others, who are just waiting to enjoy all you have for them, that has been given to you by God.

Until next time,
Rev. Marilyn Marinelli