Faith Conquers All


Fear is a terrible thing. It can cripple the emotions and even bring sickness to the body. As Christians, we are called to a walk of Faith, not fear…but it is so very hard for some of us because we are not totally in the realm of Faith. We tend to worry about everything.

Fear Factors

There are wars and rumors of wars…threats of economic collapse, Political unrest, racial disturbances, and a lot of other fear filled possibilities. They are all a matter of great concern but not fear or worry. Why, because the Angel of the Lord encampeth round about those that fear (Reverence) Him, to deliver them….so says the psalmist of old.


It is easy to forget that God has given His Angels charge over us, or should I say those that are in right standing with Him? If you qualify, by honoring your relationship with God and doing what is right, there is no reason to fear or fall apart. That doesn’t take away the threat of this or that. The terrorists will still plot, the evil doer will still conduct evil in the night but there is an Angel that is sent from God that has set up his camp all around you and is on call to deliver you at a moment’s notice. How great is that?

So why do you fear? Fear is the opposite of Faith. It is Faith inverted or distorted and corrupted. To fear is to put your trust in the possibility of that thing happening…just like faith is to put your trust in the promise of God, only it is the negative instead of the positive. I fear it’s reality is to put your trust in it. I believe in what God has said is to hope or trust in it’s reality. There is no real difference except that the channel is from God or Satan and the flesh. We chose to doubt (Fear) or to believe (Have faith).

The essence of faith.

Let’s be real…Blind faith is a recipe for disaster. We do not blindly believe. We instead, seek, knowing we will find. We knock, knowing that the door will be opened. We ask, knowing that He will answer and send us the wisdom to solve or at lest get through the situation. Trusting in the Lord is to trust in what He has spoken into your spirit. A good example of this is Abraham. God said to him, “You will be the father of many nations and Sarah, at 99, will have the promised child” Abraham did not wish or hope just because it seemed like the right thing to do. He responded to God’s will and direction for his life by putting his trust in the promise and not wavering or doubting its reality. Faith is always a response to God’s calling and revelation. This is the essence of faith.

It’s high time that we get back to faith in God and His will for our lives. There is no reason, whatsoever, to fear. There is every reason to trust God and His Word.

Who or what is more powerful, God or fear-filled possibilities?, God or the threat of life’s evildoers?

I, for one, believe that God works EVERYTHING together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes. (Romans 8:28) My rest and my peace comes from knowing that His Angel is there, His Spirit is there, and His Love is there, that I may be delivered from whatever befalls me. How about you?

Faith Conquers All

Faith will conquer all
As life’s trials appear.
We who struggle so
Will soon dry every tear.

No reason to fear
The terror by night.
It is only the lost
Living out their plight.

God is, and that says a lot
Now I can surely rest in peace.
For He alone keeps us going
Until the storm has ceased.

Be of good cheer
In all that you do.
It’s time to stand
And let faith sustain you

Written by John Marinelli

Until next time,
Rev. John Marinelli