How To Use eBooks In Your Marketing Efforts

Once you publish, you will get files for Print and eBook. Both versions go into worldwide distribution. The print is mostly for retail bookstores. However, the eBook can be sold there as well. But a better way to use your eBook is in your marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas:

1. Establish an online sign-up for receiving your monthly newsletter and offer a free eBook as a blessing to those who sign up.

2. Once you have an eMail mailing list, offer a free eBook to your readers as a way of familiarizing them with your style. It is best to attach it to your eBlast to those on your list. Your eMail content should let them know why they are getting it and why they should buy the print version. It is best used when you have multiple books. You can discuss the ones you didn’t attach.

3. Do a sales promo where you control the shipping and they buy direct from you, using the eBook as a free gift when they buy two or more books.

4. Offer a free eBook of the print version when they buy the print version. Again, they will have to buy direct from you.

5. Offer a “Buy One Get One” special offer on eBooks.

Note: #3 & 4 & 5 are used for retail sales from individual readers, not book stores.

Good luck on all that you do.

Until next time
John Marinelli, Author & Publisher
[email protected]