January 2022 Newsletter

Hello again…It’s January of 2022 and Jesus is still Lord of all. Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve flew by like a bird soaring through the frigid air of the upper mid-west. The trees are still empty of leaves and some of us are moving slower than we normally do. We call this LIFE. It’s something to live for, or is it?

It’s All About Me
All of us need something to live for. We all have an emptiness inside that seem to beckon for a cause, a destiny to fulfill or some sort of hope to keep us going. In other words, we are adrift in a cosmic sea that rises up in violent storms to overwhelm us.

What do you have to live for? Most of my friends say that they have themselves to live for. It’s all about ME and this is the, “ME” generation. Facebook and other social media platforms are designed to exalt ME, Myself, and I.

We send a friend request to everybody we know and some we don’t know. I have over 3500 friends and never talk to them directly. But, I still ask them to like ME or what I post so I can feel accepted.

Do your life experiences seem to be irrelevant? I can remember many times saying to myself, “Is this all that there Is?” There must be more to life than what I am experiencing.

This Is My Story
Then I found the Lord, or should I say, “He found me?” My life was going nowhere. My dreams were empty and I had no real hope. However, life began to change as I listened to the voice of God. He led me by the still waters where it was quiet. He spoke new things into my life that I would not realize for years to come. He gave me hope and brought light into my darkness.

I’ve been walking in the light of God’s grace for over 60 years. It has not been all roses. Sometimes even bumpy with sorrow, confusion, and a lot more. But, all in all, it’s been a real adventure to see the hand of God move on my behalf and to witness his love first-hand.

You may ask, “what have I gained by following the teaching of Jesus and walking with him?” Let’s see, I’ll make up a partial list.

  • I began to see into the Spirit and recognize divine truth. All the grey areas of thought slowly faded away. I realized that God’s truth is absolute. Before, it was just maybe so or not.
  • I began to experience divine revelations as I read the Bible and prayed. These revelations were concerning my destiny, both current and future events. I was no prophet but I did receive clear direction as I asked the Lord.
  • I lost interest in things that were evil, off-color, illegal, and anti-Christ.
  • My mind shifted from being lazy and consumed with foolish things to being more focused and purpose-driven.
  • Even my vocabulary changed from full of bad words to clean and gracious…and I did not try to change. It just happened.
  • I found myself in love with the Word of God and strangely drawn to it for counsel and answers to my concerns.
  • My focus shifted from doing my own thing to seeking to know and doing God’s Will.

Guess what? I am still changing as I seek the Lord. I used to find myself in the things of this life like power, wealth, acceptance and other stuff. But now, and for a long time, I have found myself in God.

So this is my story. I approve this message. It is ME in a world of MEs and I am sticking to it until Jesus comes.

I am sure your ME is a lot different than my ME…and that’s ok. We all will one day stand before God and give an account. It will be a pleasure for this ME to greet the judge as, “My Heavenly Father.”

2022 is here. We all have plenty of time to live and plenty of time to die. Let’s make our ME a generation of glory to God.

Until next time…Rev. John Marinelli, Author/Poet
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