July 2022 Newsletter

New Books Now Available

We have three new books that are hot off the press and ready for your reading pleasure.

The 1st is Marilyn’s new book, “My Collie Girls & Me,” It’s a true love story that spans more than 20-years between her and her collies. The book is a 6: X 9” 74 -page full color paperback now on the worldwide market at $16.95. We felt that was a bit too much, so we reduced the price to $14.95. However, for our VIP friends like you, we are offering it at $10 per book plus $1.95 s/h Marilyn’s book is an easy read with over 30 color photos of her three collie girls, two male collies, three cats and of course, her living husband.

The 2nd book is my new poetry book. It is called “Morning Reign”. It is full of short Christian poems aimed at strengthening one’s relationship with God. There are over 65 poems with a brief explanation of what Christian Poetry is, how it started and how it is different from other poetry. There is a comparison of the term, “Anointed” opposed to, “Inspired” as well. There is a special deal that goes with this book. Buy the book at $10.95 and you’ll get an electronic file of 25 audio poems with musical background so you can put them on a disc and play them in your car. The book is a 62-page 6” X 9” glossy color paperback.

The 3rd book is, “Mister Tugboat” a children’s story poem book. It is in full color 11 ½” X 8 ½” glossy cover paperback. It is currently on the worldwide web at $12.95. However, our VIP partners get it for $10 plus $1.95 s/h If you have grandkids that are 1-5 years old, this is a good buy. It’s a story about Tommy, a little boy, that had no one to play with so he drew a tugboat that came to life and together, they went of an adventure.

Barns & Noble

 Marilyn & I both have books on the local author’s table in Barns U& Noble bookstore in the Villages. Drop by and check them out.

Book Fundraiser

 We are offering clubs, local groups, churches and organizations an opportunity to raise money through selling one or more of our 19 tiles. There is no upfront cost and no time limit to deal with. It’s just set it in place, and it will sell itself. Anyone interested, call 352-687-1776.

Dance Party

 If you live in the Villages, there’s a free dance party you can enjoy every quarter. It’s the Uncle Pepe Dance Party at Captiva rec center. You’ll hear the sounds of Doo Wop, Country and Rock N Roll from local artist including Uncle Pepe, Sultry Lady, Johnny Mello and others. Just bring a dish to pass and your own beverage. If you sing, bring two songs on a thumb drive and let Uncle Pepe know you want to sing when you arrive.

New Year’s Eve

Uncle Pepe is also hosting a New Year’s Eve dance with special guest singers including the “In Motion” duo. It is 8-12 on 12/31/2022 at Captiva. It cost $20 per person. Call Maryann at 352-633-6300 for more details and reservations.

Freedom Is Not Cheap

Think about all the young men that gave up their lives to keep America free. We owe an enormous debt to them. They sacrificed so we could live. This is why we celebrate the 4th of July…because many died to bring forth a nation that is of the people, by the people and for the people. We celebrate our freedom from an oppressive government in the past. It seems like we are now being oppressed gain through bad policy decisions in Washington. But we can change that by voting the bad folks out of office in November.

New Website

 My new website has info on all of our books. I think there are 18 or 19 titles. There is also audio poems, Bible Time Podcast and more. Drop by sometime… www.marrinellichristianbooks.com.

I’ll leave you with this thought

The Lighthouse

 A lighthouse is a blessing,
To the ships that toss in the sea,
For it shows them the way,
Until they can clearly see.

The rage of an angry storm
Cannot hide its brilliant light.
Nor can its awesome furry,
Rule as an endless night.

Jesus is the lighthouse,
For those who have gone astray.
The light of His love,
Offers a new and living way.

Jesus is the lighthouse,
When fear and sickness rage.
The light of His love,
Gives hope in difficult days.

So trust in the Lord,
And look for His light.
He alone is “The Lighthouse”,
That guides you through the night.

Written by John Marinelli

 Until next time…John Marinelli, Author & Poet…[email protected]