March 2022 Blog

It’s Not Too Late

Did you ever think you would live long enough to see the turn of the century? I can remember a time when I was in Junior High school looking ahead to the time that I would be in my 50’s. None of us in the class could imagine living that long. Planning for that day was, in our minds, ridiculous. Now I am past the 50 mark and am in my 70s and still find it hard to really plan for the future.

I guess the sluggish economy, changing world events, uncertain employment, more liberal morals and all the other daily trials overshadow any organized planning. However, failing to plan is really planning to fail. Life is too short not to look ahead and at least try to plan for those days.

Life Example

We all know that winter comes every year but in the middle of July, we pay little attention to its slow decent. When it gets here, we will deal with it the best way we know how. That’s life! However, there is a Biblical basis for both not caring and caring about the future. Some folks get hung up on them and miss God’s will.
Jesus said that we were to take no thought of tomorrow. Most of us understand that to mean…do not get anxious, worried or frustrated about the future with respect to basis provisions. God knows that we have need of them and will provide. Trusting God is the focal point but some miss that and disregard the need to plan for tomorrow.

Jesus tells us a story about two men that built houses, one on the sand and the other on a rock. Guess which man lost his house when the storms came? You are right, the one who built his house on the sand. It is obvious that he took no thought of tomorrow and its storms whereas the other man surely must have known that his tomorrows would have storms and made sure that his house was on a proper foundation.
We are all speeding into the future and forced to deal with both its calm and fury. How can we plan when we are always dealing with this or that? Here are a few thoughts to consider:

STOP! LOOK! AND LISTEN! That is to say…Slow down, evaluate your direction. Pay attention to what you are hearing in the Spirit. There is no reason to rush through life not paying attention to what God has placed into your heart. You have a divine destiny, and it is about time you knew what it is.

THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE! That is to say…will life lead you or should you lead it. Look far into it with prayer and supplication before the throne of God. The Word says that the prudent or wise man perceives the evil ahead and hides himself but the fool rushes in and is punished. Thinking about the future involves what you will be doing as the future unfolds. What is the Lord’s will? What direction? What revelation?

KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR FEELINGS. It is important to review and possibly consider things more than once. How you feel is usually a good channel to knowing the right path to take. Remember, it is the. “Peace of God” that is to referee, thus approve or reject all situations. No peace, No path No joy, No hope, No satisfaction.
Now let’s look at the future. It’s full of promises. We can, with the hand of faith, start taking those promises that the Spirit of God has placed in our thinking. This is your inheritance as a child of God. Don’t let the devil steal the precious promises of God, leaving you bankrupt.

We all know that Jesus is coming back to earth one day as King of kings and Lord of lords. Most of us believe that the saints will be caught up with Him in the air in a glorious union as He brings heaven to earth at the end of the age. What have you done to plan for that future event? If you plan for everything else and overlook the greatest awakening of all times, when Jesus will call to Himself the sheep of His pasture, where will you be?

THINK ABOUT IT…Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready to meet Him? If you do not look at it now, you will have to at His coming and what then? If you are into immorality or other fleshly sins or just selfish and self-absorbed, it’s time to put away foolish things and prepare yourself to meet Jesus.

Now you have a lot to ponder over the next few months or many years before the return of Christ. Will we be closer to the knowledge of His will and actively perusing our divine destiny? Only time will tell. With Holy hands and clean hearts, let us march confidently into the future and let us bring into reality all that God has promised.

Until next time
John Marinelli
[email protected]