Author Website Verses Author Page

As an independent author, you will need an on-line location to host your book or books for viewing by potential buyers. Some authors use websites while others get along with a simple “Author’s Page” A website can cost anywhere from $600 to $3,000 to construct.

As you may know, a website is far more extensive and costly to maintain. I have a website, but I use it in many different ways. I post newsletters and blogs. I have poetry, 3-minute sermons, Info about us, and lots more. It is a multi-use presentation.

Websites are very good when the author has many books in print and does engage in on-going Christian ministry.

On the other hand, some authors like a simple “Author’s Page” where they can show the cover of their book, a synopsis overview and a buyer’s link where they can sell it on line. This page will be offered as part of our publishing program. It will be hosted on our website and a special link will be provided to each participating author that can be added to author eMails. This will cost the author $10 per book with no additional fees and will stay in place as long as the publisher’s website is active, or the author’s books are still in print.

Another way is to use, “” It is a global link that you can use in all of your emails and other communications. It is free and works for just one book or multiple books. My link is

You can visit and scroll down to, “Available Books” and click on one of the book covers. This will give you an idea of what your page will be like.

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