May 2024 Blog

It is May already, time to celebrate Mother’s Day. I guess there is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to mothers. After all, they raised us. That includes diapering, feeding, washing clothes, making school lunches, taking us to ball games, dance, or piano lessons and so on.

Our level of thanksgiving and appreciation is directly connected with mom’s performance. Did she do a fair, good, great, or excellent job? How would you rate your mom? Be honest.

When you look at mom, what do you see? This is a multiple choice.
• Self confident
• Self absorbed
• Selfless
• Self destructive
• Dominant & Overbearing
• Loving & Kind
• Godly and blessed
• Hostile & antagonistic
• Other

Moms come in all kinds of attitudes and lifestyles. Your mom was or is, probably very different from mine. Some went through the 2nd world war. Others suffered the horrors of Vietnam, some became alcoholics, others judges, lawyers and so on. My point is, can we be happy for them and celebrate their life as our mother?

If your mother was not so good and you blame her for how you turned out, forget about it. Those days a long gone. Your life is yours now to do with what you so desire. The blame game is over. Life goes on and it is very short.

Why not look at all the good things that mom made happen and celebrate them with your mother before it is too late? Some of us have already lost our moms and some wish they could have done better at blessing mom on any day, much less the chosen Mother’s Day.


This Mother’s Day, remember your mom with a prayer, a kiss, a good word of encouragement, and a hug. She deserves your love and support. Above all, let her know you are thankful for all the hard work she did to raise you up to be what you are today. She was an instrument in the hands of God to mold you and shape you.

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Until next time

John Marinelli,
Author & Publisher
Marinelli Christian Books
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