Miracles Still Happen


There are many miracles recorded in the bible. But you say how about today? Some people can tell you firsthand at what they have seen or experienced and others still have doubts. Well, miracles still do happen. That is if you believe God.

I am going to share with you some miracles in my life in hopes that it will strengthen your faith…and you can share your miracles with me.

A number of years ago a man approached me at a Christian meeting, Pipeline To Jesus. The man handed me a dollar bill and said, ” I want you to have this dollar bill. It has all 7’s on it, representing perfection. You will be receiving a miracle.” Then he laid hands on me and I went down under the power of God. Even though my husband tried to pick me up, I couldn’t move. About a year or so later, I was injured by a chiropractor. It’s a very long story and a very long time of healing. I won’t go into to much detail at this time. I will tell you that I lost the ability to feel in my left arm; my eyesight in my left eye was very poor and I wasn’t getting enough blood flow to my head on the left side. One of my bones in my back had moved out of place and was hitting upon a nerve and damaging it. My muscles in my neck, shoulder and back area were frozen. The chiropractor that had caused this had checked me out and told me I was all right. But, his masseuse told me there was a bone out of place. Well, I was a mess. I had another appointment with a new chiropractor. It was going to take a few weeks since he was on vacation.

I prayed and sought the Lord. I applied the Word of God concerning healing and thanked the Lord for His healing touch. As the days passed, I was in a lot of pain. One morning I woke up and remembered I once read in a Kenneth Copeland magazine that I need to receive my healing. So while lying in bed that morning, as I awoke in pain, I said out loud, “I receive my healing right now in the name of Jesus.” I meant it with all I had in me.

No sooner did I say it, a sharp pain went through my back where the bone had been out of place. I felt the bone move back into place. When I went to the new chiropractor, he took an x-ray of my back. My bone was not out of place. God showed me in His word that He would renew me like the noonday and the morning and that He would strengthen me. It took seven months for me to feel normal again. God shared many scriptures with me throughout these seven months. I stood on new words from God each day. The one that I stood on 1st was “Daughter your faith has made you whole. Go in peace and be healed of this plague.” Let God’s Word be true. No one new but God what had really happened to me.

God also answered a prayer about meeting Oral Roberts. My shoulder was still freezing up on me, no matter how many massages I would have. My faithful husband massaged me everyday and the massage therapist would come every other week or so. Oral Roberts was to speak at a local church and we went to see him. After Oral Roberts gave his message he said, “I don’t understand this but God is telling me that someone here has a frozen shoulder and He is healing you. Will you stand up;” That was me. After that day my shoulder never froze up again. Praise God.

There are so many great things God has done for me. I could write a book.

Let me tell you what happened to a lady who was going to a small ladies fellowship. She had some work done on several veins in her legs. She had some complications and now was faced with going back to the doctor again. She really was dreading the visit. She had asked the woman who had ministered that day to pray for her. The women told her that when she prayed earlier in the meeting for another lady, it was also for her.

The Lord spoke to me and told me I needed to pray for her. Lord, I said, I have a headache and want to go home. If you really want me to pray for Cindy then let us meet somehow. Well I proceeded to leave the home and as I did Cindy got up from the couch and wound up right in front of me. I said, “Cindy do you want me to pray for you?” She said yes, so I got on my knees, put my hand on her leg, where the problem was, and said; “I speak to this clot in the vein and command it to dissolve, in the name of Jesus. Thank you God. Amen.” Then I said goodbye to Cindy and left.

The following week I went to church. Who was sitting in back of me? It was Cindy and her husband. She told me she went back to the doctor for her appointment and the vein was fine. That night she gave her life to the Lord.

Where is your faith today for your miracle?

A lady I didn’t know was at church one day sitting in a wheel chair. Many people knew her. Some of the people in church started to pray for her. As she was brought passed me.

I prayed for her. Two years later, after we moved backed to Florida, I ran into this same woman at a Christian Ladies Meeting. She remembered me…grabbed me and said, I remember you. After you prayed for me that day, I have been walking…not great but I have been walking. Praise God.

I just hope that you will rejoice with me for these precious times. Know that God loves you and wants you well. He will always make a way where there is no way and paths where there are no paths. I don’t know exactly why I am writing this article except that someone out there may need to read these testimonies to build their faith. So will you all remember to pray for the healing of our poets and their families?

Heavenly Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus, the name that is above all names. We ask you Lord to touch your people. Minister to the broken hearted; uplift the broken in spirit; refresh their souls. Father, In Jesus name, make them whole and well and blessed of you.

We take authority over sickness and disease and release the healing power of Jesus upon all who need healing knowing that, “He was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquities and the chastisement of our peace was laid upon Him; and by his stripes we were healed.” We pray right now that the blood of Jesus will cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

Thank you Father that you have heard our prayers. We wait expectantly upon you.

Until Next Time
God Bless You All
Rev. Marilyn Marinelli