My Prayer

Jesus, my love, how can I explain
the misery and doubt, that has plagued my mortal plain.

The hurts, the fears, the doubt, the tears,
since I walked away that day,
and reached out to do my own thing,
in my weak and shallow way.

The road I walked away from you,
was not a pretty sight.
I cried and cried and pleaded,
“Lord, help me see the light.”

I promise I’ll not wander,
and promise not to fight.
Lord, help me to walk with you,
in your glorious shining light.

I know that I’m not perfect,
and know that I can’t be,
the wonderful creation
that you want for me to be.

Unless I reach for your hand,
and your gentle loving way.
Or I may find myself wandering,
being forever led astray.

Written By
Marilyn Marinelli