October 2022

October is a busy month. Here’s what’s happening

Book Signing Event

Marilyn & I will be at Barnes & Noble in Ocala for a book signing on October 29th Noon to 2 PM. We will be there along with other local authors in celebration of Indi-Author Day. Please drop by and check us out. We’d love to meet you.

Johnny Mello Show

We are looking for places to perform our 2 1/2-hour Doo Wop, Country & Rock N Roll show. If you belong to a club or organization, please drop our name in the lap of those who book new groups. We do parties, dances, fundraisers, and a lot more. They can reach us at 352-687-1776.


Drop by our newest website and check out the great resource for animal caregivers. My wife, Marilyn, runs the show. Here’s the address, http://www.haveaheartusa.org.

Dance Party

It’s that time again. Uncle Pepe is having another dance party at the Captiva Rec. Center in The Villages. Doors open 4:30 PM on the 4th Sunday of October. The party ends at 8 PM. Bring what you want to eat and drink. Music will be provided by Uncle Pepe and his invited guest. It’s a fun time for all. However, you must live in The Villages in order to attend.

Back In Stock

My two children’s books are back in stock. Mister Tugboat and An Elephant Named Clyde. They are currently being shown in Barnes & Noble in The Villages… in the local author’s area by the check out. These books are perfect for grandkids.

In The Spotlight

This month I’d like to feature, “It Came To pass”. Here’s a synopsis of the book.

“It Came To Pass” is a timeless love story, all centered on the love and protection of God. The book tells the story of romance, war and tragedy that flows through WWII and the Vietnam conflict. The storyline will follow Bill and Sarah, childhood sweethearts and how they demonstrate faith in troubled times.

Central to the story is a golden coin that was lost for over 300 years, found by an American soldier in France during WW II and lost again by a ten-year old boy in a little town north of Odessa, TX.

The story will also address some modern-day social issues and will touch on God’s Will, Man’s Destiny, Faith, Loyalty, Free Will and The Authority of The Bible. This is a fictional story; however, the WW II and Vietnam facts are true and are based upon public records.

You can buy the book off my website at http://www.marinellichristianbooks.com. It’s an easy read and sure to bless you and strengthen your faith. This book would make a great Christmas gift.

Bible Trivia

Here are a few “Bible Trivia” question.

1. “What is the name of Abraham’s father?
2. “Which Bethlehem was Jesus born in”
3. “Who followed King Saul in the precession of Hebrew Kings?”
4. “Which Bible character was caught up into heaven, escaping death?”

I will answer these questions in the November newsletter.

Bible Questions

If you have a question about the Bible, let me know and I will try to answer it. Send your question to [email protected].

Mid-Term Elections

Please be sure to “VOTE” Most of you know that Marilyn & I are conservative Christians. That means we believe in God, are pro-life and seek to honor God and be a blessing to those around us. In these last days, our beliefs have been ridiculed, spoken of as evil and targeted by national media as racist. Their slander is a pack of lies. I will vote for those who support my faith and beliefs. I hope you will too. I have to tell you that the Democratic party is not my first choice. They have moved away from the truths of our founding fathers and I can no longer support therm.

My Collie Girls & Me

Here is a great book to read. It is full of pictures, well written, full of faith and love. It’s at Barnes & Noble in The Villages on the local author’s shelf. It is authored by Marilyn Marinelli.

Audio Recording Studio

Uncle Pepe, the guy that host the dance party at Captiva, also has a recording studio in his home. If you sing and want to make up a CD for friends and family, he’s the guy to talk to. He is reasonably priced and very professional. Send me an email at marinellij329@gmail with you name and phone number and I will forward it on to him.

That’s all folks

Until Next time
John Marinelli, Author & Poet
[email protected]