October 2023 Newsletter

Hello my friends,

Well, here we are again. This time it’s one day before October 2023. Most of us are on this side of the grass, so that’s a good thing.

Here’s what’s going on this month:

New Books…

“The Divine Perspective.” Was published at the end of August and is now on the website for review and purchase. Plus, “The Face of Divine Destiny” was just published in early September. The end of September, God willing, will bring my newest book, “Sticks & Stones That Changed The Course of Human History”. Finally, …coming in this month, October, “The Christian Life Digest.”, an 8 X 10 perfect bound glossy cover resource for all things Christian. It’s over 500 pages in 45 chapters of topics related to Doctrine, Biblical Truths, and Christian Life Teachings. Check them out at www.marinellichristianbookss.com.

Free eBook…

I am offering a free eBook to anyone that will sign up for my monthly newsletter and blog. The blog is a special article on Bible and Christian issues. Just go to the website and fill out the short form (Name and eMail) Obviously, you are getting the newsletter and are on my VIP list. However, you may know someone that might benefit from our Blog and letters. Pass it on. Plus, if you want the free eBook, drop me a line via eMail and request it. I will send it to you.


Monday with Bart at Mc Calls in The Villages. He is still there going strong from 1-4 pm and on Wednesdays at the Pub from 5-8 pm. We have a lot of fun. You should come and see us sing and sing a song or two yourself.

New Book Link

Here’s a link that will show all my books at a glance. Click on the cover and it will take you to the page where you can review that book and show you where to buy it. https://mybook.to/4V1Bbbs or just go to my website.

My Book of The Month…

Here’s a great read for October. It’s called, “The Divine Perspective.” It’s a Christian Bible expose of divine origin. You can read about it and purchase it from our website, www.marinellichristianbooks.com.

Your Thoughts…

I would still love to hear from you concerning the newsletter content and/or questions you may have about the Bible and the Christian lifestyle. I am no expert but I have had over 60 years to contemplate spiritual issues, study the scriptures and apply Biblical principles. Contact me at: [email protected]

Do you own a firearm? …
If you do or are thinking about getting one, you will need my book on gun safety and self-defense. It is titled, “Shadows in the Light of a Pale Moon” It’s all about a fictional character, Benny Ackerman, that did it all wrong when called on to defend himself and his family. I deal with mistakes made and lessons learned. Check it out on the website.

Bible Questions…

I’d love to answer your Bible questions. I don’t know everything but what I am not sure of I can look up in reference books and theological volumes. I will not reveal your name as the one asking the question unless you tell me it’s ok. Email your questions to me at [email protected].

Book Sponsorships—

We are now offering book sponsorships. That means you can sponsor a special edition in your name and give copies to family, friends and business associates. We now have about 25-books that cover romance, mystery, Bible teaching, children, and lots more. Check all of them out at www.marrineellikchristianbooks.com.

A sponsorship is $150 plus the printing cost of the books. A minimum sponsorship is only 25 books. They will have a burst on the cover with your name, recognition as the sponsor on the title page and one full page inside the book to promote your business, product or services or even just a photo of your family. Call me if you are interested. 352-687-1776 (your cost can run from 8-12 per book) This would be a great way to promote your business or gifting for Christmas.

I Am Just Saying…

We all need to discern the times in which we live. Is our generation the one that will see Jesus physically return to earth? Is our modern-day church the church that Jesus said was, “Luke Warm” and that he will reject? Where are we in relationship to the end of the world? The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Psalm 9:17 (Check out my book, “The End of The World, From The Beginning” It’s on my website.)

Our guide is the Bible and the more than 3500 promises given to us so we have plenty of hooks to hang our faith on. That’s how we walk by faith…by living in the Word of God and applying its truths into our every situation.

A Note From My Wife Marilyn

I run Have A Heart For Companion Animals, Inc My “New Blog” and “Monthly Newsletter” is for folks that have dogs or cats. If you would like to get my blog and animal related newsletters, go to my website, www.haveaheeartusa.org and sign up for it. I promise, you will enjoy it. Plus, you’ll get a free eBook that I authored this year. It’s called, “My Collie Girls & Me”

Until next time, be blessed and keep the faith.

John Marinelli Author & Poet