Sons of God

What’s It All About – John 1:12


The 1st chapter of Saint John, verse 12 tells us, to as many as believed on Him, Jesus, God gave them all power to become the sons or children of God, even to those who believed on His name. I am sure that this also referrers to daughters. Have you ever wondered what a “son of God” looks like? Who has seen one of these magnificent creatures, save those who saw Jesus in the flesh?

The 1st chapter of John reveals the historical Jesus, as THE SON Of GOD, who was with God in the beginning and was in fact God, Himself. This Son of God made all things that were made. He is the author of creation. He is also the “Sent One” of John 3:16 and the 2nd Adam of Romans 5:12. He is the almighty God of Isaiah 9. If we are to understand what we, as sons and daughters of God are, we 1st need to look at John, chapter one and see Jesus.

  1. He was with God and is God.
  2. He has creative power in himself to make things that are seen from things that are not seen…something out of anything.
  3. He is life itself and that light is the illuminator of every man.
  4. He gives power to all who believe, to become something they are not, sons of God.
  5. His light is so bright that others behold it and testify to it that it is the true light.
  6. His light or life shines into darkness, even though it is not comprehended.
  7. His life is full of grace and truth, undisputed in this world.

How does that affect us? Here we are lost and dead in our sins when Jesus dies for us. The Father draws us to Christ and we believe. Then the Holy Spirit enters us, bringing us the life of God, which is full of light, illuminating our minds and making our spirits alive unto God. This “Light” shines into our darkened world, through us, to illuminate others in our world. We then are carriers of His life, lighthouses that send forth His light, and vessels fit for the Master’s use.

The evidence of this really being in action in us is the comments of those around us. They said of Jesus, “and we beheld His glory, that of the only begotten of the Son of God, full of grace and truth”. If Jesus lives in you, others will see Him and experience His grace and truth as it flows from your being. Is not this the concept that Jesus taught to His disciples? He said, “let your light so shine among men that they will see your good works and glorify God”.

I believe that the key thing to remember from all of this is John 3:16, that God so loved the world, that he gave His only Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life. That is love at it’s best and the greatest truth yet is to know that He has given all of us POWER to become His children. This means that we in fact have power to overcome the past, all the hurts, all the sorrows and power to live for Christ in this world.

I do not exactly know what a “son of God” looks like but I do know that God has given me the power to become one. Maybe it is to demonstrate the fruits of His Spirit in my life so others can testify to His life as it shines forth, full of grace and truth.

Until next time,
Rev. John Marinelli