Teardrops From Heaven

A True Story of Healing & Deliverance


Are you sitting in a season when your days roll into nights, and nights into days? When the difficulties of life keep rolling in like waves of the sea? Do you find yourself saying where are you My Lord, My Savior? How come this darkness covers my soul as a blanket?

Yes, I have been there. You are not alone. I’d like to share with you how the Lord helped me to walk out of that time.

I was sitting in the waves of sorrow that were rolling in towards me. I went to my husband and he shared with me what he could from the Lord. John, basically said, when you turn it over to the Lord, this time of darkness will end. Well, that’s just great, I thought. I could try, but the waves of sadness hit so strong, knocking me from side to side. I didn’t even have the ability to think faith. It was as if a person was swimming and the waves kept hitting and hitting. After awhile, I could not see the shoreline. It was not in clear site.

God has His ways to help us. I purchased a cassette by Kenneth Copeland. The tape was full of songs that I hope would bring me into a state of worship. All of a sudden, as I was listening to the tape, a song came on which confirmed what John had shared with me previously and further encouraged me to reach out to the Lord.

The special words in this particular song were “How Will It End, Look To Him”. I played this song over and over to get it into my soul … sometimes very loud to close out the voices urging me on to wallow in the unhappiness I was feeling.

Jesus said “I will never leave you or forsake you” God says, “See I have engraved you in the palm of my hand”.

As I sat in my car, with the rain pouring down on my windshield, and tears streaming down my face, God spoke to me and said “the raindrops on your windshield are My angels crying for you today”. I said oh, oh God, you have more to say to me don’t you? I grabbed a pen and some paper of sorts from my purse and proceed to pen what God spoke to my heart.

Teardrops From Heaven

The teardrops on your window
Are the teardrops from my angels
Crying for you …

To let you know you are not alone.
My tears fill your broken heart
And comfort you in this time of need.

They are tears from heaven
That flow from my throne
To let you know
That you are not alone.

For when you are saddened
My heart cries for you
To send comfort to you.

Teardrops from heaven
For you this day
Streaks your window pain
Reflecting your inner cry of sadness.

My comfort to you this day
Are teardrops on your window pain.
Tears from heaven
To help wash away the sorrow.

Teardrops from heaven.
Teardrops as I cry for you
To let you know I am close
To healing your pain.

Teardrops from heaven
Teardrops from heaven.

Written By Marilyn Marinelli

Therein, began the healing of my soul. The waves became less intense and the faith and love of God started to grown stronger. I remembered Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd. , “The Lord is my Shepherd… sometime God will only give us a little bit of His word to strengthen us …. Remember “The Lord is my (your) Shepherd”

As Christians, we are people with great insight and depth of feeling that we pray will express God’s love to others. I pray in this little moment of time you are encouraged and blessed.

Until Next Time,
Rev Marilyn Marinelli