Using Social Media

Using social media is a good way to advertise. You can use it for lead generation, Introduction of a new book or even direct sales. There are some negatives that you should know about. They are:

1.There is no target audience. Your message is seen by thousands but do any of them buy books and if they do, do they purchase the type of book that you authored? There is no way of knowing.

2.There is no “reader profile” available. Posting can be a shot in the dark.

3.Your post does not stay visible for long. Other post flood the space, pushing you post down and down until it is no longer seen.

4.Your title (product) in competing with many other viewing opportunities like multiple post, ads, video watch, and other social media offerings. How do you know that they are looking at you?

Here is a way to change all these negatives into positives. It is to sign up for a “Pay Per Click” program. It will cost but you pay only for the click that goes to your website or author’s page and you can set the parameters as to what qualifies as a click. You can even set a top count so you don’t get lost in too many clicks and spend a lot of money.

Note: A click coming to your website or author’s page does not mean you will sell anything. It just means that they came, looked around and either bought or left without buying.

It is advisable to set up an account with Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms. It is still a good publicity channel.

I joined over 60 Christian writers’ groups on Facebook and am slowly offering or just showing my books. Not sure what it will produce but it’s a good pastime activity.

Until next time
John Marinelli, Author & Publisher
[email protected]