Where Are You My Lord My Savior My King

I sit beside you watching as you struggle through your night.
I watch you turn and toss, to the things that grip your sight.
For all alone I watch you, with a watchful eye,
Feeling the sadness that surrounds your ever turning tide.

The waves have lifted up upon your sadden soul …
yet you seem to ignore the truth to make you whole.
You struggle in your darkness holding on to your despair.
I told you that I loved you, that I would watch and be there.

But, you have wonder in your darkness never allowing the light to shine.
So instead of gladness, you have been covered with this sadness all the time.
Don’t watch me when you want me, watch me because I care.
Don’t you know I’m the one that can get you out of this snare?

What happened to your once upon a time, with all its hopeful thoughts.
It was stolen from you with lies of different sorts.
So turn away, Turn away, from the gloom of your night.
Sit up my child …. of sadness this day you are reborn.

Don’t sit alone and wonder about this lonely silent storm.
Reach out to higher ground where the light does shine.
For I told you, your once upon a time is where you belong.
Don’t run and hide from light that is shed as a beam for you,
for your tomorrows will be bright and brand new.

Sit at night and rest your head upon your pillow sleep.
And remember, I am with you, my salvation you can keep.
Look up to heaven, to the brightness of the sky and remember I am near,
never more to wander in this darkness and fear.

You alone are worthy of my hand at times like this,
for you alone have reached out in search of care and bliss.
Reach out your arms to heaven and seal a fate that soars,
to the highest help from heaven your life to you restored.

Written By
Marilyn Marinelli