Who Or What Is Your Shepherd?

We are all like sheep at heart. We follow after shepherds of all kinds. They have names nowadays like GREED, POWER, SEX, MATERIALISM, RELIGION WORRY, DEPRESSION, LUST, and a host of other titles. They lead us down roads of destruction and heartbreak. If you disagree, just take a look at the church today. It is full of hurting people that are struggling to have a breakthrough in their personal life. They are all victims of a false shepherd who led them in the wrong direction.

Satan just loves to play the role of a shepherd. He actually delights in misleading us. He relies on the fact that we are like sheep, willing to follow every wind of doctrine and every new path to God. Now, this might not be your case study but it is true of much of today’s church. A Few years ago I was watching the news, only to learn that there are those that call themselves “Liberal Evangelicals”
who believe that we should embrace, not evangelism, but global warming. They have made a decisive shift from spiritual issues to social. According to them, abortion is not a real issue. The larger picture is the Greenhouse effect and unity.

The “Old Time” religion of preaching Jesus and His Blood that saves the sinner is pushed aside. They follow a false Christ, a false doctrine, and another shepherd that is not at all the Jesus of the bible or of Calvary’s cross.

Who or what is your Shepherd? I guess that is a personal question that you alone can answer in the privacy of your own thoughts. However, it will surely be revealed in your actions and lifestyle. It is really easy to look over into another’s l and see the shepherd he or she follows. We criticize them all the time for their actions yet conveniently overlook the “Who” that is leading us. It’s called self-justifying. We can handle a few drinks, a few X-rated movies, a few dirty jokes, a few immoralities, and so on. However, Suzie, in the pew next to us, obviously cannot.

It’s time to look closely at who or what leads us through life. Is it Jesus? Don’t just blurt our YES before you look deeply into your lifestyle and review your past decisions. Then read Psalm 23 and see the relationship that David, the Hebrew Poet King, had with his Lord. When you have looked at your Shepherd, I hope you will be looking into the glorious face of Christ and will find that He is worth it all. I will leave you with the Holy Spirit. He will ask you the same question, “Who Is Your Shepherd?” I hope you can say with absolute assurance, “Jesus is my shepherd.”

Until Next Time
Rev. John Marinelli