Your Prayers Can Make A Difference


God is still on His throne! My question to you today is, “Is God on the throne of your life?” God told me, about 3 years ago, when I was going through and I say going through, not staying, a time of sadness, grief, despair and fear. God spoke to me and said, “If you don’t get through this, how can I use you for others, as I have in the past? There are many more people for you to minister to and help along the way.”

Little did I know that my faith in God could make all the difference in the world for Lisa, my niece. You see, she has had seizures ever since she was a baby. Now the time had come that all medications available were of none effect. So there I found myself praying for God to give her a miracle.

As days and months past and as I struggled through the difficulties and attacks on my faith in God, I was challenged to pray for her. I prayed, “God make a way where there is no way.”

Not many months pasted and my niece informed me that there was a possible way for her to be cured from these seizures, (which of course we know are not from God). She, not really a believer yet, still had hope and was believing God in the only way she knows. But I prayed, “God please let her be a candidate for this operation.” Only 2% of people with seizures were candidates for this kind of treatment. To make a long story short, many months past and tests were taken. Even the emotional state of the candidate was of interest. Opposition was there and even her parents did not want her to take the risk of an operation. My niece stood strong, determined to go for all God may have for her. And I continued to pray with her and without her, thanking God for her miracle. God spoke to my spirit and revealed to me that Lisa, my niece, would be fine.

Then the procedure took place and all nerves were on edge. I can’t say that I was totally calm myself. But, I had a reassuring Word in my spirit from God that all would go well and she would be fine.

The operation lasted 5 hours and all did go well. She has been seizure free for the past two month.

Praise God for His mercy.

I’m really happy that I listened to God so many years before when He presented me with a challenge to go on with my life and walk with Him.

So again, I ask you “Who is on the throne of your life?” “How can your faith in God help effect someone else’s life?” You may be sliding backward where I had been. You never know when someone will need to rely on your faith, prayers and strength? I encourage you who trust God with your life and fight through your circumstance so you will be ready in the future to pray for those that may need your help.

“Faith Is the Substance of Things Hoped for and the Evidence of Things No Yet Seen”.

Until Next Time,
Rev. Marilyn Marinelli