December 2023 Newsletter

Hello again my friends and Merry Christmas…It’s coming soon. Where did 2023 go? It passed us by like a flash of light in a darkened sky. Did any of you stop to smell the roses? Or are we still rushing into the future like a bat out of hell? Well, here’s what’s up with us:

New Consumer Catalog…. We just finished an 8-page consumer catalog of available books. It is free and can be downloaded from our website,

Free Children’s Coloring Book….another free download is a coloring book we did many years ago. Check it out on the website and download it if you like it. It is free.

Karaoke…. Bart will be hosting karaoke at Mc Calls as usual. However, the Monday before Christmas will be dedicated to singing Christmas songs. Drop by from 1-4 pm and join in on the fun.

Upcoming Books…2024 is close at hand. I hope to be publishing a layman’s commentary on all things Christian. It will be titled, “The Christian Life Digest” It will be over 500 pages and 45 chapters and will cover many Christian doctrines and issues.

Christian Poetry…If you write uplifting Christian poetry, email me your best poem. If I like it, I will add it to my gallery of poems on the website.

New Publishing Service… We now have over 30 books in print. I felt it necessary to devote my time in 2024 to helping other Christians tell their story and publish their own book. All the info is on the website. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, now is the time. I can help and keep the cost down to an affordable price.

Christmas Poem… “Wise Men Still Seek Him” Feel free to copy and use this poem as a hand-pout or text for a Christmas card. You have my permission. Just DO NOT use it for commercial use.

Wise Men
Still Seek Him

Wise men still seek Him
Who appeared so long ago.
They come now by grace
Through faithful hearts aglow

Wise men still seek Him,
For He is their “Bread of Life”
A sustaining inner strength
Through times of sorrow or strife.

Wise men still seek Him
The Christ of Calvary
God’s only begotten Son
Crucified as sin’s penalty.

Wise men still seek Him,
Jesus, God in human array.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Born to Earth on Christmas Day.

Written By
John Marinelli

Book of The Month…My pick as “Book of the Month” is “Heaven, Hell & Beyond” My goal in publishing “Heaven, Hell and Beyond” was to call attention to the reality of after death destinations and life or death situations that may await the dying soul.

“Heaven, Hell and Beyond is a Bible presentation that discusses the reality of heaven and hell as real, having a physical location. It also presents life after all is said and done. Particular attention is paid to how to get into heaven and how to avoid hell. Several well-known personalities are quoted on some issues and well as PEW reports on trending theological thought. This is an easy read that is packed full of truth, facts, and Bible based assumptions. It is well worth the reader’s time.

Until Next Time
John Marinelli, Author & Publisher
[email protected]